Is Growing Older Causing You Neck Pain?

Posted on: 22 March 2023

As you get older in life, you may expect to feel some aches and pains in your body from time to time. But if your neck aches or hurts more now than it did in previous years, you may want to see a chiropractor soon. A chiropractor can ease the age-related pain in your neck for you. Learn more about age-related neck pain and how a chiropractor can assist you by reading below.

Can the Aging Process Cause Neck Pain?

Your body and health change as you age, including the bones, joints, and muscles in your neck. The bones and muscles in your neck must support the weight of your head throughout your life. Your neck must also be able to withstand the things you do during your life, including work and exercise. Aging can make your pain seem worse for you.

The aging process can weaken or exhaust the tissues that support your neck, shoulders, and spine. You may experience more aches and pains in your neck in your senior years than you did as a younger adult. Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and other degenerative conditions that occur during the aging process may also make the pain in your neck worse over time.

Although you can't prevent the aging process from happening to you, you can do something about your neck pain. You can see a chiropractor for the age-related neck pain you experience each day. 

Can a Chiropractor Treat Age-Related Neck Pain?

A chiropractor must first examine your neck to see if age is the cause of your discomfort. As mentioned above, degenerative health issues like osteoarthritis can also cause pain in some adults. The conditions can make your neck feel achy, stiff, and painful over time. A chiropractor may need to design a treatment plan for you that doesn't aggravate your condition.

Your treatment plan may include a number of things, including modified spinal adjustments and soft-tissue manipulation. Light therapeutic treatments like massages may also be useful in treating your pain. Massage therapy can alleviate muscle aches and joint pain over time.

In addition to the chiropractic treatments above, a doctor may also use nutritional counseling to treat you. Your bones, joints, and muscles require specific nutrients to stay strong as you age. A lack of calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients can weaken the tissues in your neck, shoulders, and spine. Nutritional counseling helps you choose the right foods to consume in your diet each day.

Learn more about age-related neck pain by consulting a chiropractor today.