Things That Help With A Slipped Disc

Posted on: 26 January 2021

If you have injured your back, then you may be facing an awful lot of pain in your future. The back is an easy part of your body to injure. In fact, many people find themselves with lifelong back injuries that were caused by something that they have done many times in their life just fine. For example, you can end up injuring your back permanently just by sneezing or by stepping off a step the wrong way. A common injury that can cause someone to have lifelong pain is a slipped disc. You can learn more about a slipped disc and how a chiropractor can help you here: 

What is a slipped disc?

In some cases, a slipped disc won't bother someone at all. However, in many cases, it can leave someone with a lot of pain as well as other symptoms that can include weakness, tingling, or even numbness in one or more of their limbs. In some cases, a slipped disc can be fixed with surgery, while in other cases surgery wouldn't be recommended. 

What are some common ways a slipped disc is treated?

As mentioned above, surgery can be a good treatment option that can really help in some cases. In other cases, someone may find a lot of relief from the pain with epidural steroid shots. However, for some patients, surgery and/or shots aren't advisable. In many cases, the doctor would want their patient to go to physical therapy. In most slipped disc cases, the physical therapy sessions will focus on strengthening muscles around the slipped disc in order to help the back have more stability, and as the muscles become stronger and help support that area of the back more, the pain can get better. However, going to physical therapy will often leave the patient in a lot more pain because they will be aggravating the injury during the therapy sessions. Also, many times pain medication will be used to help the patient get relief from the pain.

How do chiropractors help?

Chiropractors can be great for many patients who have a slipped disc. The way the chiropractor treats the patient will depend on a lot of things including the extent of the slipped disc and the location of the slipped disc. The great thing about chiropractic care is that the patient won't have to wait for the effects of the treatment for days or even hours because the treatment they get from the chiropractor will normally have them feeling much better as soon as they leave the office. The best way for someone to feel less pain regularly is to go to the chiropractor regularly.

If you are suffering from back pain, talk to a chiropractor for help.