Massage Therapy For A Shoulder Injury

Posted on: 6 August 2020

Dealing with a chronic shoulder injury may have become part of your 'norm', but are you compromising the quality of your life because of it? If you are tired of enduring a loss of motion in your upper arm and shoulder area and have decided to consult with a chiropractor, massage therapy sessions could be one of the treatment suggestions that is posed to you. Learn more about how massage therapy can help, prepare for your initial session, and be mindful of what you can expect.

Learn About The Benefits

A deep tissue massage is capable of improving blood flow and may soothe muscles that have been impacted during the onset of the shoulder issue. If you have accustomed yourself to sitting and standing in a certain manner, which deflects the pressure that is put onto various parts of your body, getting your body readjusted to a normal sitting or standing posture could feel unfamiliar, at first.

A massage technician will focus on the part of your body that is causing you discomfort or that you have used in a modified manner and will apply pressure throughout the region, allowing you to experience a range of sensations. Your comfort level, at first, may not be on par with what you expect. As you go through a series of massages, any strange sensations or feelings of discomfort may lessen.

Experience A Massage

If you haven't ever been on the receiving end of a massage, ask your chiropractor for some detailed information about the therapeutic massage provider that you will be matched with. You will be presented with details about the type of setting that each massage will take place in, the length of a treatment, and how you should prepare yourself, both prior to and during a massage.

Wear clothing that has been deemed essential for the treatment. Since you have a shoulder injury that is being addressed, it may be recommended that you wear a loose, sleeveless tunic or another garment that won't conceal the shoulder that is being massaged.

Go into your initial treatment with an open mind. Know that you are following a treatment plan that is necessary for your recovery and that you won't endure negative results due to your choice. If the massage technician allows their clients to bring comfort items from home, bring along a pillow, a headset, or any other items that will help you remain relaxed during the massage session.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers massage therapy.