Three Methods To Help Diminish Neck Pain Between Chiropractic Adjustments

Posted on: 28 September 2016

If you suffer from ongoing neck pain, seeing your chiropractor for regular adjustments should help. But what can you do to ease the pain between appointments? Here are a few suggestions.

Epsom salt soaks 

Epsom salts are salts of magnesium and sulfate ions. When they're dissolved in water, the magnesium ions can be absorbed through the skin and into the muscles, where they help alleviate inflammation and reduce muscle stiffness. It's hard to soak your neck in Epsom salts as you would a foot or hand, so try preparing a pan of Epsom salt water (just a handful of salts in a gallon or so of warm water will do). Dip a rag in this solution, and then hold the moist rag against your neck for about 20 minutes. Dip the rag back in the warm water often to re-moisten it. The heat from the warm water will help relax your muscles, too.

Range of motion exercises

One of the challenges of neck soreness is that it can keep you from comfortably turning your head. Range of motion exercises can help with this while also easing neck pain by loosening up the muscles. Start by looking forward and just turning your head in very small, tight circles. Gradually make the circles larger as you feel your neck loosen. Then, tilt your chin down a little. Repeat the circle process, starting with small circles and moving into larger one. Next, rotate your chin to the right and repeat the circles. Finally, repeat the circles with your chin rotated to the left.

Have a friend massage your neck

A gentle massage can help increase circulation to the neck muscles, which should help reduce inflammation and pain. Have a friend massage your neck for you. Apply a massage oil to help the fingers glide over the skin more smoothly. Olive oil will work if you don't have massage oil handy. Have them start at the base of the neck at the shoulders, and slowly work their way upwards towards your head, using circular motions. Keep the touch gentle and light at first, gradually increasing pressure as you feel comfortable doing so.

If your neck pain is coming back within days of your chiropractic adjustment, talk to your chiropractor. They may need to adjust you more often, or they may give you some specialized stretches to do between appointments to help keep your soreness down.