3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Body & Your Depression At The Same Time

Posted on: 27 September 2016

If you suffer from chronic depression, taking care of your body can help you take care of your mind as well. Here are three strategies that will help you take care of your body while addressing your depression at the same time. You should use these strategies in combination with your normal treatment through your doctor.

#1 Visit Your Chiropractor

Your primary care physician is not the only person who can help treat your depression. When you are depressed, you need to make sure that you are treating your whole body. Depression causes a chemical imbalance in your brain that can affect your body as well. It is important that you work with your chiropractor, as well as your primary care physician, to treat your entire body.

Your chiropractor can make adjustments to your back and body that will not only make your back feel better but will also help stimulate your nervous system and ensure that it is aligned and working properly. The stimulation provided by your chiropractor can help your body, even if just for a day, produce some of the positive chemicals that are difficult for your brain to make on your own.

If you have been suffering from depression for a long time, chronic depression can affect your body as well as your mind. A chiropractor can help make sure that your nervous system and spine are working together and employed in the fight to make you better.

#2 Visit Your Massage Therapist

After you visit your chiropractor, make sure that you schedule an appointment with your massage therapist. A massage therapist can provide your body with different benefits than your chiropractor can. There are many benefits of massage therapy that can help you in your fight against your depression.

To start with, all types of massage, even those that are described as more relaxing, focus on relieving tension that has build-up in your muscles. When you are depressed all the time, it is not uncommon to have tense muscles. Massage therapy can help relieve your tense muscles.

Next, being touched in a positive way has benefits for your brain. When you are touched in a positive manner, as you are during a massage, your brain will release endorphins, which is a chemical your body makes that is supposed to make your feel positive.

Furthermore, massage therapy can help increase the flow of blood throughout your body. This will help further relieve any tense muscles you have and help you feel more relaxed as you fight your depression.

#3 Start Exercising

Finally, join a gym or see if you can get a friend to sign up and take an exercise class with you. Exercising on a daily basis will get your blood flowing every day and will help release additional endorphins in your brain on a regular basis. You will also find it easier to sleep at night when you work out and exercise.