What Can You Do To Prevent Migraines?

Posted on: 8 September 2016

Migraines are more than just a headache. They take over your whole body, making it difficult to see and causing nausea and vomiting. Thirty-six million Americans suffer from migraines, so you're not alone in wanting to find ways to prevent them. Here are five tips to help you nip the migraines in the bud before they become a problem.

Learn Your Migraine Triggers

Most people who have migraines will have at least one trigger. For some people it's caffeine and others will suffer them after eating dairy. Lack of sleep and loud noises can also contribute. Figure out what your triggers are. By knowing your triggers, you can avoid them as much as possible.

You can't always avoid the triggers completely, but you can cut down. When you are around the triggers, you can take painkillers to avoid minor headaches developing into full-blown migraines.

Keep a Diary

Just how do you figure out what your triggers are, though? You will need to keep a headache diary to document when you get them. Write down everything you eat and do during the day and then mark down when you have a migraine.

You'll also want to keep a record of your emotions. These can sometimes cause migraines, especially if you are overly stressed or tired.

Get Enough Vitamins and Minerals

A diet lacking in nutrients can be a reason for developing migraines. Make sure you get the right nutrients in your diet, taking supplements if you need to. Magnesium deficiencies have been linked to migraines, so focus on that one right now. You can also focus on iron, vitamin D, and vitamin E to help protect your brain health and reduce migraine pain.

Try Hormonal Treatments

If your migraines occur during certain times of the month—very common in women—you may be able to figure out the pattern quickly. These migraines are often due to drops in certain hormones, so you'll need to find ways to boost them during these periods in the month. You'll need to talk to your doctor to get these types of treatments.

Consider Acupuncture or Chiropractic Care

Stress is one of the most common reasons for migraines. Regular sessions of acupuncture and/or chiropractic care may be able to help, and these treatment options work well with the tips above. In fact, chiropractors and acupuncturists tend to double as life coaches that strive to help you find solutions to various pains that don't require taking pain killers. For more information, contact local professionals like West Omaha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic.

You don't need to suffer from migraines on a regular basis. Preventing them is possible by taking some proactive steps. Follow the five tips above and you could find those terrible aches, nausea, and eye discomforts are things of the past.