Denied Benefits? Veterans Can Get Additional Help From Chiropractors

Posted on: 6 September 2016

Not all military injuries are dramatic, high-impact wounds of combat. The fast-paced lifestyle of a military career and living in far less than ideal conditions can lead to wear and tear after even the minimum 4 years of commitment, let alone longer tours of duty and retirement. Unfortunately, complications in the Veterans Affairs compensation process and difficulties being productive while in pain can make it hard to get the proper care you need, even if you know what the problem is. If you're not able to afford medical care for joint pain or any body aches, here's some information about the VA claim system and how a chiropractor can help you every step of the way. 

VA Compensation Evidence Is All About Proving Connections

VA disability benefits is different from programs such as social security. Instead of being a limited set of resources designed to help you recover and eventually leave the social security program, VA disability is compensation for life for what you've lost due to military service.

The VA has strict guidelines to make sure that resources go to veterans in need. Although many medical and advisory programs are available for every veteran, the monetary compensation only goes to veterans who have proven injuries that are related to military service. It's not just about preventing fraud; veterans who were injured after the military (and may simply be confused about their benefits) are not eligible for monetary compensation either.

Many claims are denied because they lack the proper paperwork to either show how much of a problem their condition is, or because there's no linking evidence showing that military service is to blame. If you wait too long to file an initial claim, it's easier to blame your problems on other parts of your civilian life instead of military service. Instead, put in an intent to file or risk denial, since you can appeal at any time.

If your claim had all of the information you could muster, keep in mind that unless you're a medical professional, you're only scratching the surface of what evidence may exist.

A Chiropractor Can Fill In The Gaps

The VA provides a quick medical examination as part of its compensation and pension (C&P) examination. Unfortunately, the level of examination varies depending on the hospital performing the testing, meaning that some veterans may boast of X-rays and MRI appointments while other veterans may have had a quick doctor's consultation.

No matter the level of consultation, everyone should consider a second opinion when dealing with a medical decision. If the VA didn't find anything, they're not going to stop you from going to another professional to get proof. In fact, many veterans--including those working for the VA--encourage veterans to get non-VA evidence if the information isn't to their liking.

A chiropractor can help by performing an in-depth analysis of your complaint and searching for any evidence that could be used for disability claim evidence. Even if the chiropractor lacks specific equipment for a suspected injury, you'll be able to brainstorm with a professional and get referrals faster than the long wait times at the VA. The VA has many problems that need to be fixed, but you should be doing everything you can outside of the VA to get the care you need, then help other veterans when you're better able to assist.

Contact a chiropractor to discuss your condition, veteran situation, and to get the proof you need. If you're successful, you can even get VA-funded referrals to the chiropractor that helped you, creating a lasting professional relationship.