A Natural Approach To Treating Tension Headaches

Posted on: 24 August 2016

The pain of a tension headache can radiate in a wide band around your head, even stretching down into your neck. This is one of the most common forms of headaches, and in most patients, it is caused at least in part by high levels of stress that lead to tightness in the neck and base of the skull. You could just pop a pain pill every time you have a tension headache, but wouldn't it be better to prevent the headaches altogether? By taking a natural approach with the following therapies, you can do just that.

Identify and Reduce Your Sources of Stress

The tightness in your neck that contributes to your tension headaches is likely caused – or at least made worse – by stress. Everyone has different stressors, so your first task is to identify yours so you can take action to get rid of them. Sit down and make a list of everything that makes you feel anxious and overwhelmed. This could be family problems, work-related obligations, or other personal matters. Next to each item, write down an action you can take to make the situation less stressful. Then, start acting on those stressors to get them out of your life. Make a new stress elimination list every week or so.

Visit the Chiropractor

If your neck has been tense for a while, the muscle tension may have pulled your vertebrae out of alignment. The vertebrae may then be pressing on certain nerves, making your headaches worse. A visit to the chiropractor should fix this issue. Your chiropractor can place your spine back in alignment, helping to relieve the nerve pressure and muscle tension. Depending on the severity of your misalignment and tension headaches, your chiropractor may recommend coming in for regular adjustments to keep your symptoms at bay.

Find an Aroma That Soothes You

Even if you have the muscles in your neck relaxed through chiropractor care and start taking measures to reduce your stressors, there are bound to be moments where you feel stressed and anxious. To keep that stress from translating into headaches, try finding a go-to aroma that will alleviate your stress and anxiety whenever you smell it. Visit a store that sells essential oils, and take a whiff of a few. Pay attention to how each one makes you feel. There's bound to be at least one that causes an instant feeling of relaxation to pass over your body and mind. Sandalwood, lavender, and chamomile work well for many people. Take your favorite oil home with you, and keep it nearby so that when you feel stressed or feel a headache coming on, you can take a little sniff and experience the relaxation.

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