Three Things You Thought You Knew About Acupuncture

Posted on: 23 August 2016

Acupuncture isn't exactly new. In fact, it's a rather old medical treatment. However, despite its long existence, many people are off the mark when it comes to their knowledge of acupuncture. Consequently, when it comes to your own knowledge, you might not know as much as you think you do.

"Acupuncture Can Spread Disease"

Whenever someone reuses a needle that was previously used on an individual with a highly transmittable disease like HIV or hepatitis, yes, there is an increased risk of the disease being spread. However, this isn't the case with acupuncture, as anyone undergoing professional treatment is completely absolved of this risk.

Professional acupuncturists don't reuse needles. More importantly, each new needle is individually wrapped in its own sterilized packaging. In addition to clean needles, acupuncturist take increased measures to prevent disease transfer by wearing gloves and ensuring all surfaces are regularly sterilized.

"Acupuncture Hurts"

One of the most common ideas about acupuncture is that it hurts. When people consider the idea of someone inserting needles into their skin, it's natural that this would be their thought process. However, acupuncture is typically pain-free due to the needles used for treatment.

First, unlike traditional needles, those used for this treatment are very thin, which allows them to be inserted with little agitation to your skin. Secondly, they are solid. Traditional needles are hollow because they are used to either deliver something, such as medicine, or extract something, such as blood. This hollow space can actually pinch the skin as the needle is inserted.

"Acupuncture Is Only for Treating Pain"

Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment method for people who deal with chronic pain associated with conditions like knee injuries and menstrual cramps. However, its benefits aren't restricted to pain management. This method can be used for a number of additional reasons, including management of seasonal allergies, blood-pressure regulation, and pregnancy-induced morning sickness.

Even if they aren't dealing with a specific condition, some people simply enjoy acupuncture because it can help them focus and de-stress. Increased focus and a reduced level of stress can make you more productive in both your professional and your personal life.  

Don't let an acupuncture falsehood keep you from treatment. When it comes to debunking myths about this effective treatment method, reach out to a qualified acupuncturist, who will be able to address all your questions and put all your fears to rest so you can move forward.